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How to Build a Large Permanent Magnet by Using Large Rare Earth Magnets

large rare earth magnets

Large rare earth metals like magnetite, moissanite, iron ore and sulfur will be the building blocks of modern day magnets. As these metals are so precious, they are protected by stringent regulations. It can be very harmful for a individual to walk into a magnet shop and get a grasp of rare earth alloy, without understanding and knowing the way the process works. That is the reason why it is important to research big rare earth magnets prior to making the purchase, which means you don’t set yourself up for big legal problems when your magnets do not work as you expected.

Larger rare earth metals like magnetite possess a magnetic drive much more powerful than little magnets will be capable of producing. But, they are also very hard to design and construct in a means that will give the desired effects. Additionally, the strength of the magnetic drive is only in a very small selection, in comparison to other kinds of magnets. This is why it would be best to utilize small, lightweight, disposable items like barbells, balls or even golf clubs as part of your safe, portable home building jobs.

On account of the extreme sensitivity of these small magnets involved, there’s a great amount of wasted energy produced by the conversion of electric current to magnetic field energy. This energy is usually wasted since there’s no way to find the magnets close to a conductive piece of alloy to produce a stable magnetic field. When seeking to design large magnets, it would be much better to use lightweight, disposable items such as PVC pipes, PVC mats, or similar materials that may be used as temporary guards till you’re prepared to make your large permanent magnet. Then, when you’re ready to build a large permanent magnet, then the simplest way to do so is to simply drill holes to those PVC pipes or mats, place the magnetized bit of steel in addition to the pit, and then bolt the magnetized piece of steel onto the PVC tube or mat. The end result is going to be an extremely strong and durable portable magnetic field which will protect any system that is placed in its perimeter.

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